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Periodicals – The UMA holds a large collection of periodicals published by Plast. These include Hotuys, magazine for scouts aged 6-11 and Yunak for scouts aged 12-18, which were published in the United States.

The collection also includes periodicals from Argentina, France, Germany, and many other countries in which Plast was established.

Stamps – Plast published stamps in the United States and Canada.

Pane of seals, “stamps”, created in 1959 by Yaroslav Elyjiw to represent 23 ethnographic regions in Ukraine, incorporated into stamps by Toronto artist Myron Lev. Each “stamp” includes the Plast symbol, “Plastova Poshta” (PLAST Post), “Ukrainski Pysanky,” “Ukrainian Easter Eggs,” and a designation to identify the region that the egg design represents. The name of the main design element is given (e.g., stars, crosses, butterflies, oak leaves, rose, wolves’ teeth, ladders, sunflower). See this Ukrainian Weekly article for more information.
UMA Collection

Photographs – The UMA collection is comprised of donations from our members. We have a variety of photographs from Plast activities, including a large collection of photographs that Petro Fedynsky took in the 1970s and 1980s.

Plast educational materials – Plast published manuals and education materials for counselors to support the goal of supporting members’ personal development. These publications, all in the Ukrainian language, were published in Canada and the United States, many in the 1960s and 1970s.

Camp Newsletter

Camp newsletters – Таборові газетки. Campers often created a camp newsletter, describing the activities and hijinks that happened at camp. The newsletters included hand-drawn illustrations, poems, and an address list so campers could write each other letters through the year.

Other memorabilia – The UMA has other publications by Plast members and materials from Plast events. Some of these are historical materials and some contemporary.