Voice of America

The Ukrainian Museum-Archives (UMA) in Cleveland is pleased to partner with the Department of Foreign Nations Modern and Contemporary History at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and the Ukrainian Association for American Studies in publishing «Sharing America’s Story with Ukraine: The Voice of America’s Ukrainian Service, 1949-2019». This collection of research papers and essays is being released in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of the Ukrainian Service of the Voice of America (VOA), the global media organization of the United States. Throughout its entire existence, it has been VOA’s mission to serve as a reliable and authoritative source of news, projecting balanced and comprehensive information about American institutions and the policies of the United States, along with responsible discussion and opinion about those policies and our way of life.

UMA’s participation in this commemoration is particularly gratifying, because in 2019 the UMA acquired a major historic collection of VOA Ukrainian Service audio and video recordings. The collection spans several decades and consists of thousands of recordings of VOA Ukrainian programming. This newly-acquired collection augments the multi-year set of video recordings of the VOA program, “Window on America” which the UMA acquired pursuant to an act of Congress in 1998. The latest treasure trove of Ukrainian-language news, information and feature stories about American life and society now entrusted to UMA constitutes a unique chronicle and record of U.S.-Ukraine relations, our deep social-cultural engagement with Ukraine and the experiences of the Ukrainian diaspora in America. For seven decades—from the dark days of the Cold War to the declaration of Ukraine’s independence to the Orange Revolution and the Euromaidan Revolution of Dignity—millions of Ukrainians have been tuning in to VOA to hear America’s message of freedom, democracy, rule of law, respect for national identity and Western security and solidarity.

The UMA looks forward to beginning the process of digitizing and cataloging the collection to preserve it for generations to come and to make it more easily accessible to scholars, researchers and the general public.

Veiw the document «Sharing America’s Story with Ukraine: The Voice of America’s Ukrainian Service, 1949-2019».