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Famine Kobzar Online Exhibit

Famine Kobzar

In 1932-33, Ukraine had bountiful crops of grain, yet the country was gripped by famine – the result of Joseph Stalin’s collectivization policy. In order to force people to give up their land to the state, he ordered an army of Communist Party activists to seize grain and other food from Ukraine’s independent farmers… [ENTER EXHIBIT]


Ukrainian Embroidery Online Exhibit

Ukrainian Embroidery

Needlework occupies an important place among the various branches of Ukrainian decorative art, and remains to this day one of the most widespread hobbies of women and even some men… [ENTER EXHIBIT]


Ukrainian Easter Eggs – Pysanky – Online Exhibit

The Ukrainian Easter-egg, known in Ukrainian as “pysanka” (singular; from the Ukrainian verb “pysaty”, meaning “to write”), is one of the most interesting and most unique forms of Ukrainian decorative art. Its history dates back to the distant past of the Ukrainian people and is connected with the pagan ritual of praising the coming of Spring. …. [ENTER EXHIBIT]


Displaced Persons Camp Exhibit

DPC Exhibit

The exhibit commemorates the 60th anniversary of The Displaced Persons Commission Act signed by President Harry S. Truman on June 25, 1948. More than 100,000 Ukrainians benefited from this act of the 80th Congress of the United States when they immigrated to the United States. During four years of its existence, the Commission created by this act was able to process, transport, and provide visas…. [ENTER EXHIBIT] 

Plast Ukrainian Scout Organization

About Plast and its connection to the UMA [ENTER EXHIBIT]

Dr. Oleksander Tysovskyj, DROT, UMA Collection [ENTER EXHIBIT]

Plast Postcard UMA Collection [ENTER EXHIBIT]

Plast other materials [ENTER EXHIBIT]